Wae is a domestic waste management system. Via the introduction of sensors and a smart meter, operators and users can easily monitor their waste. The overall aim of this project is to reduce waste and increase recycling. Research clearly shows the key factor impacting all domestic waste is a lack of knowledge and accountability. Wae addresses this through providing easily accessible data. The system monitors domestic waste for its mass and volume. The smart meter then interprets this data into a format that can easily inform households on key facts including the percentage of each type of waste. The smart meter produces a set of analytics to inform and educate users as a means to change behaviours over time.
This project was the result of continuing research conducted at Liverpool John Moores University as part of a final year project. Further exploration was conducted at a summer internship called IDEALAB ran by the projects first mentor, Emma Robinson. Here, It was made apparent how the importance of food waste was very much miss understood by the majority of the UK. It was here that this project became important. During the course of this internship, a lot of research and important connections were made that lead to progression of the project.
During the IDEALAB programme, the project caught the attention of The Environment Now; a project funded by O2’s think big. Over the course of August to September the project got through to the final stages of grant funding and began running on Think Big’s programme  in October. It was here that Daniel by design LTD was created in order to gain further support from LCR 4.0 who provided the project with two internship placements. The project is now in it’s final stages of completion and is due to finish in September 2018. 

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